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"Here are what my clients are saying about my website:    'MORE PROPS ON THE WEBSITE!!!'    '…. Most professional site I’ve seen…'    '…awesome site, very informative….'    'your website is bad ass!!'    .......its coming from perspective clients, the general public likes it!! GREAT JOB!! THANK YOU."
Accelerated Bail Bonds

"I wanted to tell you again a big thank you for beautiful ad that you did for us. I am wondering - you say that you don't do ad design - but your ads are SO MUCH NICER that anything that I can get from professional ad designers from the magazines! Honestly! Great-great job! Thank you."

Aesthetic Solutions, Inc.

"I'd like to personally and sincerely thank you for the terffic work you've done on the BORG website. It's professional, pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. Many Thanks!!!"

Hopscotch Desserts & The BORG

"Thank you so much for all of your patience. You are so kind to me, and have been incredibly are a wonderful resource. "

Neo Imago

You’re the best. Thanks for treating me like I’m your #1 priority – whether I am or not, you still provide excellent service.

Sheri D.

"When deciding to do our website, we had several things we were looking for. We wanted something professional and attractive, yet simple, user friendly, and quick and easy to load up. We also wanted to work with someone who could understand what we needed and be able to adapt to our inexperience. Cybercom did all that we asked and more. Her design is beautiful, and very easy to navigate. She taught us what we needed to know to maintain the site and her admin set up is very user friendly. We would highly recommend C2inc, Heather to do your website."

Mock Property Management

"Since 1997, Cybercom Consulting Inc, has been my computer guru. I started a home-based business when I moved to Colorado and I needed a new computer. She listened carefully to what I do and what I needed and "built" my computer and taught me how to use it.

As the years have gone by, Cybercom has made on-site visits to trouble-shoot, and my favorite, remote trouble-shooting. But the very best of all, she designed my website with great patience and creativity. Heather's the best - an expert in her field who provides excellent service...and fast response time."

Ina Hopkins
Professional Organizer

"Cybercom saved the day! My customers of many years were reluctantly dropping me for other services that were more technologically advanced. When I called Cybercom Consulting, Inc., within two days I had a new system and the basic training I needed to maximize my services so I am competitive in my field again!"

President, Editing, Etc.

"A business associate recommended Cybercom Consulting, Inc. when we needed help developing a new on-line product. C2inc's "web of consultants" successfully handled both the aesthetic and web programming aspects of our product and tight time frames, with dependable speed and efficiency. Their reasonable rates helped keep my project budget on track"

Project Manager, Sporstrac Systems, Inc.

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