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Website Resources

We recommend these resources to all of our clients to help them with their website work better for them.

Tools Related to Domains

Domain Name Checklist to keep information about your website in one place
Search for a Domain Name and purchase if you find the one you want

Tools Related to Website Design

Color Picker to determine which colors you like for your website. Note the number in the box
Pixlr is a free online tool to edit any photo or image
iStockPhoto to find stock photography you can purchase
Dreamstime to find a variety of stock photos to use on your website
Shutterstock offers a variety of photos for purchase

Tools Related to Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics is a free tool to check how your website is performing

Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool that you will need to have verified, but will give you more information about your visitors and their keywords.

Website Load Test to see how fast your website loads

SEO: Keyword Density Checker

Enter a URL to analyze

Miscellaneous Tools

Email Marketing

Mail Chimp is a free email blaster for under 2000 contacts
Constant Contact is another email blaster program that offers surveys, groups, and registrations
Aweber offers drip content to allow for automatically sending emails on scheduled times

Phone Services

Google Voice gives you a free phone number that will forward to any number you wish or be your voice mail<.p>


Google Calendar offers an easily solution to show a calendar on your webiste
Times Trade can help your clients schedule appointments with you automatically


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