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Website Add-on Features (Plug-ins)

Modules Add-Ons are pre-built components that can be added to your website that do a very specific task.

For example, a website owner may want to put an event list on their site but have it layout in a consistent way or automatically removes itself after the date has passed. With an Events List plugin, you fill out the form and the system will do the rest. It order the events by date, lays out the content, have a link to the details, and remove it from the list after the date has passed, etc. The only work you have to do is tell the system about the event details.

Basic Plug-ins

If you choose a Basic Website Package, you can choose up to 4 Basic Add-Ons

  • Google Calendar
  • Twitter widget
  • Facebook widget
  • Facebook Open Graph (for SEO)
  • Pinterest pin-it button
  • Newsletter sign up form
  • Extra year of domain registration
  • Extra mailbox
  • Paypal purchase buttons (3)
  • Google Photo Album

Advanced Plug-ins

If you choose the CMS Website Package, you can choose up to 6 from either Basic or Advanced Add-Ons

  • Events listing
  • Events listing with RSVP registration and control panel
  • Event listing with registration and option to pay via Paypal
  • Job postings
  • Contact form with texting capabilities
  • Send information to customer's phone via text
  • FAQs (included)
  • Blog (included)
  • Organized methods for displaying content (tabbed or accordion style)
  • Glossary
  • Video list
  • Advertising spaces
  • Multiple languages for page content
  • Alternate mobile versions of content
  • Secure members-only area with control panel
  • Document listings & download
  • Paypal shopping cart
  • Product list
  • Image/document uploader
  • Specials Box on home page with a link to details page
  • Home page banner images that slide to show 2 more


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