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Content Management System (CMS) Website Package

What is a Content Management System?

A CMS or content management system, sometimes called a web management system, is a website that can be edited by the owner 24x7 without the need to learn how websites work or to hire a web developer.

Some popular CMS systems are clumsy, hard to use and not very intuitive. They can even inflate the code it takes to put it together to prevent your website from being easily found on search engines.

Our content management system, Website Chameleon™ is perfect for the business owner who wants to manage their own website but lacks technology know-how. Simply login to the system and pick a page to change and edit right on the screen.

Our CMS Website Design package is perfect for:

  • The small business owner
  • Those who are on a budget
  • Non-techies
  • Anyone who likes to make changes to their website any time they like
  • Anyone looking for an alternative to Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal systems
  • Anyone needing help with planning the structure of the site


The CMS Website Package contains everything you need to get your website up and going quickly. We take care or the design, structure, coding and launching the site so you can take care of your business.

What's included with The CMS Website Package:

  • Custom Website Design Template (look and feel for all pages)
  • Domain Name Registration (2 years, $18 there after)
  • Ability to Make Changes at Any Time (using or easy web management system, Website Chameleon™)
  • Recommended Best Practices for Webs Structure & Strategy (so the website is intuitive and visitors will find it easy to use)
  • Guide: How To Write Website Content for SEO guide (so you can write effectively)
  • We Format Content for Your Pages (up to 30 pages included)
  • Extra Graphics Included (5 stock images + 5 custom graphics or buttons)
  • Browser Tab Icons Using Your Logo (your little logo on your browser tab)
  • Sitemap Created for SEO Purposes (so search engines can discover all of your pages)
  • First Month Hosting FREE ($24.99 there after)
  • Anayltics Code Installed (see how people find your site)

To learn what the Content Management System can do, click here for a full list of features

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