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Testimonial given to the Denver BBB

Testimonial given by Benny Carreon of GrayBear Resources Group

"Cybercom offers several services such at IT support, web design and offers a solution for indiviuals to post and find networking events in the metro area. IN getting to know Heather, she impressed me with her knowledge, depth and breadth of services she has and I've learned just how much her customers rely and absolutely trust her for the lifeblood of their companies."

"I have been very impressed by her creation of "". This is a sorely needed service for individuals and companies to be able to find ways to network together. The services is FREE for people to participate, this is an excellent resource that allows all to benefit. Even though there are paid services offered, you aren't required to pay a dime to participate. I've seen HEather do things for free for her clients that other companies charge an arm and a leg for."

"Heather goes out of her way to help me in my business when she has nothing to gain from that. By looking to be a resource to her clients, she recommends products that would only benefit them very selflessly and things primarily about the customers first and foremost."

"I would describe Heather as self-less, someone who loves what they do. She is intelligent, hard-working, and fair."

"While I am not a customer, I feel valued because I am a trusted resource for Heather. I trust her ability to focus on what is best in any given situation and I can refer a customer to Cybercom and know they will be taken care of."

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